December 2023: Dynamic Social Media Preview Image

December 2023: Dynamic Social Media Preview Image

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Welcome to the Sotion Product Update December edition! This is a short message that goes out once or twice a month whenever something interesting is added to the product.
Each Sotion product update will contain
  • Feature Focus: highlighting a new feature, and
  • Rewind/Refresh: to recap some of the existing capabilities.
  • Next Up: A quick look into an upcoming feature
Let's dive in!

Feature Focus: Dynamic Social Media Preview Image

notion image
Are you sharing the link to your page anywhere on social media, Slack, Discord, Messages, etc.
Get rid of the boring Notion thumbnail image and don't worry about creating your own custom image.
With the Dynamic Social Media Preview Image from Sotion sharing your link will look great on any platform. Sotion will automatically generate a thumbnail image based on the cover image of your Notion page and the custom Page Title you specify.
Enable the setting from your Sotion Dashboard → Settings → Notion.
notion image

Rewind/Refresh: Custom Login Page

With Sotion's you have the option to protect your Notion content with Password Protection, Email Signup, or a Restricted Email List.
If you enable any of the Membership Management options, then you'll get access to a custom Login Screen to capture your members' password or email address.
On Sotion you can now see a Live Preview of the Login Screen to see the customizations you are making.
Add your custom Logo, Heading, and additional instrictions for your members.
notion image
Check it out on your Sotion Dashboard → Settings → Login Page
Sotion already supports adding Paid Memberships to your Notion page via Gumroad. There has been a number of requests to also add support for Stripe Payments.
Would you be interested in accepting Stripe payments for Paid Membership access to your Notion content?
Drop me an email to be added to the notification list →
I hope you enjoyed the update. If you have any feedback, questions, or comments let me know by simply replying to this email.
'till next time
Bruce, founder at
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