Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ, Guides

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ, Guides

1. What is Sotion vs. Cloakist?

Are you wondering what the difference is between Sotion and Cloakist?

Sotion is dedicated to provide custom domains for Notion Pages.
Cloakist does exactly the same as Sotion, but additionally provides custom domains for a range of other platforms.
Since Sotion & Cloakist are the same app, you can log in to both with the same account. You can also connect to any of the supported platforms from either Sotion or Cloakist.

These are the supported platforms at the moment:

Glide Google Docs Google Forms Hey World HubSpot Forms JotForm Linktree Loom Microsoft Sway Notion
Retool Roam Garden Roam Research Sendspark Softr Sotion: Notion Membership Substack Trello Typeform Webflow

2. Member Login Security for Notion & ClickUp

Sotion Membership Options

  • Email Sign Up: Require visitors to enter their email address for access to the site
  • Paid Membership: Members get access once they pay via a 3rd party integration (e.g. Gumroad)
How is security handled for Password Protected sites?
When a site is password protected, all pages pages that are accessible via the configured domain will require a password to be entered before it can be accessed.
How is security handled for Email Sign Up, Restricted Email Lists, and Paid Memberships?
When a site is configured to use Email Sign Up, Restricted Email List, or Paid Membership, a user (member) will be required to enter their email address when registering or logging in.
Additional validations for Restricted Email List
In addition to the validations above, for Restricted Email Lists, the email address is also validated agains the predefined list of valid email addresses created by the owner of the site.
Additional validations for Paid Memberships
In addition ti the validations above, for Paid Memberships, the email address is added to the list of members, but will not get access to the site until confirmation of payment is received from a 3rd party integration (e.g. Gumroad)

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