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Easily add security to your Notion pages with a custom domain + password protection.

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Use Notion to create a private site

Sotion turns your Notion pages into a password-protected resource.

Customise password page text and branding 🖌️
Support for Notion sub-pages 📄
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Startups, VCs, Agencies and Individuals use Sotion to move Notion sites to their own domain and password protect their documents.

🕒 New features coming soon...

Sotion uses state-of-the-art reverse proxy technology powered by Amazon Web Services, allowing you to move your Notion site over without compromises. Here are some new features in our pipeline:

Restricted Email List

Define who can access your private Notion site with an email list (like DocSend).

Email sign in

Open access to anyone who enters their email address. Perfect for collecting email sign ups. email address.

User management

Add users with their own email addresses and passwords.

Use private Notion sites with Sotion

Keep your Notion site private, but use it with Sotion by signing in with the Notion API
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