January 2024: Whitelist Domains for Member Management

January 2024: Whitelist Domains for Member Management

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Happy New Year and welcome to the Sotion Product Update January edition! This is a short message that goes out once or twice a month whenever something interesting is added to Sotion.
Each Sotion product update will contain
  • Feature Focus: highlighting a new feature
  • Rewind/Refresh: to recap some of the existing capabilities
  • Next Up: A quick look into an upcoming feature
Let's dive in!

Feature Focus: Whitelist Domains for Member Management

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Are you are using Sotion to manage membership access to your Notion content? Now, in addition to adding individual member emails, you can also add a whole email domain to your member list.
This is useful for when you need all email addresses from a specified domain to be able to access your Sotion website.
For example, you are sharing your Sotion website with a client, let call then Acme Inc., and you want anyone from Acme Inc. to be able to access your site. With Sotion you can now whitelist all email addresses for *@acmeinc.com and anyone from the client can log in to your Sotion website.
You can add whitelist email domains from your Sotion Dashboard → Settings → Members → Add Members → Whitelist Domains
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Rewind/Refresh: Verified Members

Sticking to the Membership Management features, there has been a number of questions about when a member is Verified?
Whenever a new member signs up for access to your Sotion website (using Email Signup) or when you add a new member to the Restricted Email List the status is the member will be Not Verified.
Only once the member logs in to your Sotion site for the first time will the status change to Verified.
This is useful for you to see which of your members have accessed your Sotion website.
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You can see the Verified status on your Sotion Dashboard → Settings → Members

Next Up: Dynamic Social Media Preview Image

We recently released a new feature to generate a Dynamic Social Media Preview Image for each of your website pages based on the Notion cover image used for that page. The feature is still in 'Beta' mode since some images from Notion are not loading properly.
During the next weeks there will be further updates to this feature to properly handle all cover image scenarios and automatically generate beautiful social images for your pages.
Additionally the goal is to eventually have a few different image templates for you to choose from.
I hope you enjoyed the update. If you have any feedback, questions, or comments let me know by simply replying to this email.
'till next time
Bruce, founder at Sotion.so
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