March 2024: Paid Memberships with Stripe

March 2024: Paid Memberships with Stripe

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Welcome to the Sotion Product Update March edition! This is a short message that goes out once or twice a month whenever something interesting is added to Sotion.
Each Sotion product update will contain
  • Feature Focus: highlighting a new feature
  • Rewind/Refresh: to recap some of the existing capabilities
  • Next Up: A quick look into an upcoming feature
Let's dive in!

Feature Focus: Paid Memberships with Stripe

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I'm thrilled to announce that Paid Memberships with Stripe is now available to all Sotion users!
Charging for access to your Notion content has never been easier. Sotion's Paid Memberships with Stripe allows you to effortlessly monetize your Notion content.
It's super easy to set up:
  1. Switch your site to Paid Memberships with Stripe
  1. Configure your Stripe API key
  1. Configure your Stripe Product
  1. Done!
Whenever someone subscribes to your product, they will automatically be added as a Member on your Sotion site and receive a login link via email.

Rewind/Refresh: New Member Notification Options

We've added two new features to give you more control over notifying new Members added to your Sotion site. This applies to Email Signup, Restricted Email List, and all Paid Membership options.
When adding new members via your Sotion dashboard, you now have the option to immediately send the new members a login link to their specified email address.
you can find this under Settings → Members → Add New Members
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We've added a new API endpoint that allows you to create a fresh login link for any of your members. This is particularly useful when you are adding new members via the API and want to generate and send login links to your members yourself.
You can find this under Settings → API → LOGIN LINK
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Next Up: Paid Memberships with Lemon Squeezy!

We're excited to announce that the Lemon Squeezy payment integration is complete and currently being tested by a select group of early adopters. In April, Paid Memberships with Lemon Squeezy will be rolled out to all users!
Drop me an email if you want to be part of the early-access phase, or if you want to be added to the notification list →
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I hope you enjoyed the update. If you have any feedback, questions, or comments let me know by simply replying to this email.
'till next time
Bruce, founder at
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