May 2024: Revamped Member Magic Link Emails

May 2024: Revamped Member Magic Link Emails

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Welcome to the Sotion Product Update for May! We send these brief updates once or twice a month to keep you in the loop about the exciting new additions to Sotion.
Each Sotion product update includes:
  • Feature Focus: Spotlight on a new feature
  • Rewind/Refresh: A recap of some of the existing capabilities
  • Next Up: A quick peek at a forthcoming feature
Let's dive in!
When a member logs into your Sotion site, they receive a magic link email. We've decided to give these emails a much-deserved revamp. Check out the improved design!
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Compared to before:
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In addition to the email redesign, we've added a variety of important configuration options and a live preview. These new additions enable more customization and a better branded experience for your members.
Your logo will now appear at the top of the emails sent to your members, enhancing brand recognition and trust.
You can update your logo from: Sotion Dashboard → Settings → Branding → Logo Image

Custom "Reply To" Email Address

Specify a custom email address your members can use to reply to the login link emails. This is especially useful for when they encounter problems or need your support.

Custom "Reply To" Name

Specify the "From" name your members will see in their emails. This addition helps make the communication with your members even more on-brand.
Control when to send login emails. This is handy when you want to have more control over your member onboarding experience.
  • Default: Sotion will send all your member magic link emails
  • Skip First: Sotion will not send an email when the member first registers, but will send login emails thereafter
Choose the domain used to send magic links to your members. This is useful if you need to hide the fact that you are using Sotion, and want a more generic/branded experience for your members.
  • Default:
  • Generic:
(we may include custom email domains in future, this option is still being evaluated)
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Configure all your Magic Link Email options here: Sotion Dashboard → Settings → Login Page → Magic Link Email

Rewind/Refresh: Sotion Members API

Did you know that Sotion has an API to manage your memberships?
The API allows you to GET, SEARCH, CREATE, UPDATE, and DELETE members.
And we've added two new APIs to give you more control over magic links:
  • CREATE LOGIN LINK: Will allow you to create a new login link for one of your members that you can send to them yourself.
  • SEND LOGIN LINK: Will trigger Sotion to send a new login link to your member.
These new APIs will come in handy when used in conjunction with the updated Magic Link Email options above.
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To access the API for your site, go to: Sotion Dashboard → Settings → API
For more details and guidance review the Sotion Members API Documentation

Next Up: Better support for embedded documents

Notion recently made some changes to how embedded documents (such as PDFs) are handled. For some Sotion websites, the embedded documents are currently not working. An update will be available in the coming weeks to appropriately handle this change from Notion.
Are there any specific features you're looking for? Let us know by replying to this email.

Early-access: Sotion Studio

One of the most common requests we receive is for Sotion to provide capabilities to build fully-fledged Content Hubs, also known as Client Portals, Partner Portals, Membership Hubs, Data Rooms, etc.
The current Sotion app already does this to some extent, but we are going to bring a huge improvement with new features specifically business that need more advanced capabilities.
notion image
We're looking into how we can address this need with features such as:
  • Communication and collaboration workspace for your clients/members
  • Interactive process flows
  • Fine grained, page-level, member access controls
  • Restrict Notion data per member
  • Custom content builder (pages, forms, document uploads)
  • Member comments, notifications, and collaboration
  • Member self-registration
  • ...and much, much more!
Interested in joining the early-access phase or want to be added to the notification list?
I hope you found this update useful. If you have any feedback, questions, or comments, feel free to respond to this email.
'till next time
Bruce, founder at
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