Custom Domain Configuration

Setting up a custom domain for your Notion Page is a breeze with Sotion. Follow our simple guide to get your personalized domain up and running.

Custom Domain Configuration
Setting up a custom domain for your Notion Page is a breeze with Sotion. Follow our simple guide to get your personalized domain up and running.
Have a custom domain you'd like to use for your Sotion website? Get started by linking your domain to Sotion by following these steps.

How to connect your domain?

1. Navigate to your Dashboard → “Domain”
2. Scroll down to "Add these CNAME records" Here you will see the two CNAME records that have to be created:
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3. Go to your domain provider and create the two CNAME records.
Here are the instructions to add CNAME records for the most popular domain providers:
  • Cloudflare: If you have registered your domain through Cloudflare, make sure that the “Proxy status” on your CNAME record is set to “DNS only”. The orange cloud icon in the CNAME record row should be grey, not orange.
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Tip: What Sotion calls "HOSTNAME" and "VALUE" may have different labels on your registrar's setup page. What we call "HOSTNAME" can be called "Host" or "Subdomain," and sometimes "Target" is labelled "Points to."
Here's a quick video on how to add a CNAME on Namecheap:
4. You can manually check if the configuration is ready, use the “Check” button on your DNS Settings page.
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5. When the connection is successful, you will see the message “Your site is live
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How long does it take for the domain to be connected?

Usually it just takes about 5 to 10 minutes for your domain provider settings to start working. Sometimes it can take longer, up to 72 hours, depending on how long your domain service takes to process (or propagate) the new CNAME records.
If you find that your DNS records does not get verified within a 24 hour period, then make 100% sure you entered the correct CNAME records. And contact your domain service provider if you need help.
Once your custom domain is linked to Sotion, we will issue a security certificate (this allows your website to be available over secure HTTPS). You don’t have to do anything for this, it is fully automated (you may even not notice it). During this time your site may be unavailable or display a security message for a couple of minutes until the certificate is connected.

What domains are allowed?

✅ Formats that work:
❌ Formats that won't work:

What if I want to change my domain? Or what if something goes wrong?

You can delete the domain from your dashboard and start over. Make 100% sure your you enter the correct DNS settings.
Is the domain still not working? Please contact us via our Support Email or web chat with a screenshot of your full CNAME record list on your DNS account, and we'll be glad to help to get you set up.

What should I enter in the TTL section?

Your domain provider may ask you to configure a TTL. You don’t need to change the TTL, just leave this setting on the default value.

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