Best Notion Website Builder 2023

Want to elevate your online presence? Publish your Notion content to your website and connect to a custom domain with a website builder for Notion.

Best Notion Website Builder 2023
Want to elevate your online presence? Publish your Notion content to your website and connect to a custom domain with a website builder for Notion.


Are you searching for the perfect Notion website builder to elevate your online presence? With the increasing popularity of Notion as a versatile content management system, numerous solutions have emerged to help users create custom websites using their Notion pages.
In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into the features and benefits of Sotion, and compare it to four prominent competitors - Super, SimpleInk, Fruition, and Potion.
By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the Best Notion Website Builders in 2023. Let’s help you choose the ideal platform to suit your unique requirements.

1. Sotion: Best support for Notion and Memberships

Sotion is a Notion website builder that connects directly to your Notion page, ensuring that a true version of your document is displayed on your website. It offers basic features like custom domains and branding, as well as advanced features like membership management and private Notion pages. Sotion also allows for custom code and password protection, making it a good fit for those looking for an easy-to-set-up website builder with advanced features.

Sotion does all the basic things you’d expect from a website builder for Notion

  • Easily connect and integrate with your Notion page
  • Custom domain with SSL
  • Customize your site’s branding
  • Great SEO performance with custom meta data
  • Ability to add custom code (Javascript and CSS) to your site
  • Password protection

Where Sotion stands out above the competition

  • Unlike the competition, Sotion connects directly to your Notion page. This ensures that a true version of you Notion document is displayed on your website.
  • Any changes made to your Notion page are immediately available on your custom domain.
  • Because Sotion does not make a copy of you Notion page, and does not convert it to another format. That means all possible Notion content blocks are supported by Sotion and will display properly on your website.

Sotion offers some features that are not available anywhere else

  • Membership Management
    • For anyone looking for advanced Membership Management features, Sotion offers a unique solution. Control access to your Notion pages, collect email addresses, or monetize your content effectively.
      Password Protection: Ensure your content remains private and secure, allowing only authorized individuals to access your Notion site.
      Email Signup: Grant access to individuals who provide their email addresses, perfect for building email lists and lead generation.
      Restricted Email List: For a more exclusive approach, use a restricted email list to define specific users who can access your Notion site.
      Paid Membership: Sotion also offers a paid membership option, enabling you to generate revenue by offering premium content. It supports integration with Stripe, Lemon Squeezy, and Gumroad.
      Seamlessly manage your members via Sotion’s dashboard, or by using integrations via the Members API and Webhooks. Easily connect to your workflows from tools such as Zapier, Make, or Airtable.
  • Private Notion Pages
    • Sotion is the only platform that allows you to connect your private Notion page. This allows you to keep the direct link to your Notion page private, while the content is only accessible via your custom domain.
If you’re looking for a Notion Website Builder that is easy to set up, offers all the expected features, and gives you access to unique advanced features, then Sotion would be a great fit.

Sotion Pricing

Sotion Pricing 2023
Sotion Pricing 2023

2. Super: Good User Experience

Super is a good choice for users seeking easy integration between Notion and a custom domain.

Super strengths

  • With its caching capabilities that enables fast page load speed, and it’s utilization of the latest web technologies, Super offers a solid user experience.
  • The ability to customize your site without writing code allows you to effortlessly match your brand's aesthetic and maintain consistency throughout.
  • Boost your site's visibility with Super's user-friendly SEO optimization.
  • Additionally, Super offers domain and SSL support to enhance your credibility and brand recognition. With the option to add custom code and password protect your Notion pages, Super empowers you with advanced customizability and security.

Super drawbacks

  • Does not support all Notion blocks
  • Updates to your Notion page takes a few minutes to go live
  • Higher pricing

Super Pricing

Super Pricing 2023
Super Pricing 2023

3. SimpleInk: Simple and Easy

For fast loading speed and simplicity, SimpleInk is a good choice. It allows you to easily launch no-code websites, enabling you to concentrate on your business goals rather than technicalities.

SimpleInk strengths

  • SimpleInk takes care of automatic SSL and ensures websites are secure, saving you valuable time and offering peace of mind.
  • Enjoy the convenience of automatically generating unique, aesthetically pleasing URLs for every page created within Notion.
  • The ability to add custom domains to your Notion website improves your brand’s professional image.
  • SimpleInk combines ease-of-use with essential features, streamlining your website creation process.

SimpleInk drawbacks

  • Does not support all Notion blocks
  • Higher price for fewer features (compared to Super)
  • User interface is not intuitive (as reported by some users)

SimpleInk Pricing

SimpleInk Pricing 2023
SimpleInk Pricing 2023

4. Fruition: DIY, Free, Open Source

Fruition presents itself as an attractive option for those seeking a cost-effective approach.

Fruition strengths

  • As a free and open-source toolkit, Fruition eliminates financial barriers without compromising functionality.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of custom domains, appealing and memorable pretty URLs, and the support for dark mode and Google Fonts to make your website uniquely yours.
  • Whether you need a portfolio, blog, job posting, landing page, or business site, Fruition offers a no-cost solution with no lock-in.

Fruition drawbacks

  • You need technical knowledge to configure a Fruition site
  • No support available
  • Documentation is outdated

Fruition Pricing

Frution is free
Fruition Pricing 2023
Fruition Pricing 2023

5. Potion: Solid Product

Potion adds a touch of magic to your Notion pages, allowing you to create custom websites swiftly.

Potion strengths

  • Stand out from the crowd with your own custom domain, turning your Notion page into publicly-accessible website that embody your personal branding.
  • With Potion, you can make quick style changes and inject custom CSS and fonts with ease. Every website created with Potion is optimized for search engines, ensuring increased visibility and higher rankings.
  • Enjoy the benefits of fast page speeds, password-protected sites, and the ability to add snippet injections for further customization.

Potion drawbacks

  • Does not support all Notion blocks
  • Does not show a true rendering of the Notion page
  • More expensive for multiple sites

Potion Pricing

Potion Pricing 2023
Potion Pricing 2023


When choosing your ideal Notion website builder, it is crucial to assess your specific needs and objectives. Whether you prioritize seamless integration, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, customizability, or membership management, one of these solutions will inevitably align with your goals.
Evaluate your requirements, consider the features offered by each platform, and make an informed decision to embark on your website creation journey.
With Sotion at your fingertips, you have the necessary tools to establish a captivating online presence that best represents your brand and objectives.

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