Membership Management for Notion pages

Control access to your Notion content by adding Email Sign Up or Password Protection

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🎬 Scenario 🎬

Β· You created some valuable content in Notion that you want to share.

😩 Problem 😩

Β· You do not what to share the Notion link publicly, as this can easily be reshared or duplicated.
Β· You want to better control the access to your content and make it part of your website.
Β· You want to collect email addresses in exchange for access to your content.

πŸ† Solution πŸ†

WithΒ SotionΒ it's easy to create a custom site from your Notion page + control access to the content:
  1. Connect your Notion page to your ownΒ Custom DomainΒ πŸ”—
  1. Select from one of four protection options πŸ”
      • Password Protection
      • Email Signup
      • Restricted Email List
      • Paid MembershipΒ 
  1. Host the content via your own website πŸŽ‰

⭐️ How Sotion helps ⭐️

Prevent resharingΒ of the direct Notion link. Host your Notion page at your own domain.
  • Password Protection.Β Only members with the password can access your content.
  • Email Signup.Β Collect email addresses when new members sign up to view your content.
  • Restricted Email List: You control which email addresses can be used to access your site
  • Paid Membership: Members get access once they purchase your product with a Gumroad Payment

πŸ›  How it works πŸ› 

β†’ Custom Domain: Your Notion page is linked to your custom domain by adding a DNS record.
β†’ Membership Management: To access your content, a new member has to
  • Enter a Password: You configure a single password that is used by members to access your content.
⎯ or ⎯
  • Signup with an Email Address: Members receive a Magic Link to log in. You receive an email with the details of the new member.
⎯ or ⎯
  • Sign Up with a pre-approved Email Address: You create a list of pre-approved email addresses. Members can log in and access the content.
⎯ or ⎯
  • Sign up with a Payment: You link your Sotion site to Gumroad Payments. Members can get access to your site by making a payment (once-off or subscription/recurring).

πŸš€ Even more Membership features πŸš€

  • User Management
    • Email address and password signup & login
  • Integrations
    • Automatically add/remove members via Zapier/Webhooks

🏁 Conclusion 🏁

Check out the 2-minute walkthrough video onΒ homepage

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