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Email Sign In

Grant access to anyone who enters their email address. Perfect for collecting email addresses.

Password Protection

Create a single password to protect your Notion site.

Restricted Email List

Define who can access your Notion site with an email list. Control access with an email whitelist.

Paid Membership

Allow members to pay for access to your content via Gumroad.


API access to manage members via Zapier or Make
(webhooks coming soon)

Use with private Notion docs

Keep your Notion document private, but use it with Sotion by connecting with your Notion API Token.

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Link your Notion page to your own domain, so you can:

Collect Email Sign ups
Password protect your page
Set up Memberships
Customize branding
Add analytics, tracking, and more
Add custom CSS + JS

More than a redirect, better than an iframe

Password Protection & Email Signup
Paid Membership Access
Stay at your domain
Change branding
Make custom changes (CSS, JS)
Works well on mobile
Add analytics, webchat, etc.
Working SEO

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Startups, VCs, Agencies, SMEs and Individuals use Sotion daily manage access to their Notion documents.

How it works

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Link your domain

Create two DNS records will link your Notion page to your custom domain.
Don't worry, we'll tell you exactly how to do it.

Customize your page

Choose if you want Password Protection or Email Signup. Add your logo, change the colors, add analytics, and much more.

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7-day free trial. No credit card needed

Easy setup, highly reliable

Sotion uses state-of-the-art technology powered by Amazon Web Services, allowing you to move your public Notion page without compromise.

No coding required

Set up your custom domain in minutes — without writing a line of code.

Quick set up

All you need to do is enter 2 DNS records in your domain manager (e.g. GoDaddy). Don't worry, we'll give you detailed instructions.

Highly flexible

Change anything you want with CSS and JS. Or get our help to rebrand your public site in any way you want with our Pro plan.


We exclusively use Amazon Web Services, meaning your site will experience the minimal downtime of the world's largest hosting platform
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